Can You See Me Now? Anxiety And The Symptoms You Don't Always See

by Pierre-Paul Couronne

There are a whole range of illnesses and diseases that exist with little to no visible symptoms. People will often assign mental health complications into this classification of "invisible illnesses".

This leads to a common misconception that mental illness is always all psychological, and lacking in physical symptoms.

Those that experience physical symptoms can definitely attest that mental illness being solely psychological to be false! For instance those struggling with Anxiety Disorders will occasionally experience physical manifestations of their anxieties.

Some of the most common symptoms relating to anxiety  

Pounding heart
Stomach upset
Frequent urination or diarrhea
Shortness of breath
Muscle tension or twitches
Shaking or trembling

In today's society people are generally compassionate and/or empathetic towards a person suffering in a visually obvious way. It's easier to notice and empathize with people when they have a visible trait to their illness, such as a broken leg in a cast.

However, as you'll notice in the list above, several of the symptoms are not always apparent or easily detectable to others.

Though the struggle might not always be noticeable, the psychological uneasiness and physical symptoms that come with anxiety are definitely very real and can be felt quite sharply by the one living through it.

This all adds up to just another reminder to thrive to always Be Kind when interacting with people. You never know what they might be going through in their silent battles.

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